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About Azure
There’s always a delightful breeze coming off the Gulf of Thailand. Now, however, it blends with the enticing aromas of Farm-and-Sea to the table at elegant seaside restaurant Azure and embarks on a true culinary journey.
Our talented chefs invite all to enjoy Azure’s new menu and indeed the venue’s all-new approach to seaside fine dining. Amid elegant decorative elements and table setting, this innovative menu of farm-and-sea favorite has been skillfully prepared and featured beautifully presented dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients. In keeping with the reputation of farm-and-sea cuisine as healthy fare, moreover, the menu likewise includes a number of light and nutritious options.
Whether dinners arrive to Azure as guests of the hotel, as residents of Hua Hin or travel from far afield, they will be certain to enjoy a completely revamped menu presenting the many flavours of the farm-and-sea cuisine – and in a sophisticated atmosphere enhancing the venue’s already charming seaside setting. This is indeed a new way of beachfront dining venue.
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